How you can help to get someone
Back in a Heart Beat

Local groups, shopping & business precincts can raise funds for an automated external defibrillator (AED) through our mini-fundraiser option.

Start a campaign with donations from your clients, customers & traders to provide an AED in your local area. Read More

It is a simple as:

  • Clicking below and registering your details on the MyCause portal

  • Downloading the pdf with instructions for your supporters on how to make a tax deductible donation
  • Receiving your AED from Urban Lifesavers when you reach your target
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Defibrillation legislation is essential for cardiac arrest survival

The power of the people can achieve great change. Australia led the world with the introduction of seat belts in cars and we can lead the world again.

Don’t let sudden cardiac arrest claim a member of your family because an AED was not available.

Support our campaign on calling for State & Territory governments in Australia to make AEDs part of workplace first aid kits and as commonplace as fire extinguishers.

You can help by signing our petition and sharing it with your networks.

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AED locations

Triple Zero (000) operators can access a public AED database but not all AEDs are registered

Are you up for a challenge that could save a life?

Enter your AED location at


  • Spot an AED
  • Snap a selfie of an AED.
  • Post the image and location on our social media.
    Tag us on Social Media using @UrbanLifesavers

#AEDlocation #RegisterMyAED #NoMoreDeathsfromCardiacArrest

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Do you want to help us raise awareness?
Support our vision - "No More Deaths from Cardiac Arrest"

In order to let all Australians know that anyone can be a lifesaver we need you (and your organisation) to help us get this important message out in the community.

Our team is committed to bringing great change to our workplaces and communities and if you would like to join us, please contact us about sponsorship / volunteer opportunities.

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